Europen project : ITEA 2 CarCoDE : Platform for Smart Car to Car Content Delivery

CarCoDe is the ICT experts response to develop a software platform for automotive domain which evokes the generation of the traffic service domain ecosystem. The main objective of the project is to create automotive, device and operating system independent software enablers for supporting sustainable deployment of the co-operative traffic services.

Some data: 28 partners, Start date:  12/2012, Duration: 37 months
French partners : Cassidian, Thales Communications and Security, University of Burgundy, University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, DUNASYS, and NXP SemiConductors

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European project ITEA CarCoDe


The aim of the second project (3 years, 2015-2018) is to study of Shared resource management in crowd networks.


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Europen project : ITEA 2 FUSE-IT : Future Unified System for Energy and Information Technology.

Fuse-IT will address the need of sustainable, reliable, user-friendly, efficient, safe and secure Building Management System (BMS) in the context of Smart Critical Sites. It is the sole initiative addressing Sustainability and Security & Safety challenges from a site management perspective. It will benefit to both challenges by solving the dilemma between efficiency and security in intelligent buildings.

Some data: 25 partners, Start date:  10/2014, Duration: 36 months
French partners : Cassidian CyberSecurity (CCS) - Leader, Thales Research & Technology (TRT), Thales Systems (TS), SOGETI HIGHTECH (SOGETI), ARC Informatique (ARC), VTREEM, EISIS, CEA LIST (CEA), Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT-TSP), Université de Bourgogne (UB), Université de La Rochelle (ULR), Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers de Nantes (ICAM).

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European project ITEA FUSE-IT


The aim of the first project (3 years, 2010-2013) is to study the complementarity between the cellular network 4G LTE and vehicular networks with and without a controlled mobility.


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The aim of the second project (3 years, 2014-2017) is to study the Energy Efficiency and Quality of Experience of a micro-cellular network.


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FUI project : Personal dAta pRotection FrAmework for IoT

Interoperability, along with security and privacy of personal data, are the two most important limitations for the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) market. Interoperability increases the complexity of service production processes and the cost of production. Lack of security and trust for the protection of privacy puts a barrier between service providers and consumers. To solve these issues, PARFAIT aims to develop a platform for protecting personal data in IoT applications and to reduce the complexity of integrating and deploying services in today’s IoT technology by providing interoperable software libraries, tools and SDK elements.

Some data: 25 partners, Start date:  01/2018, Duration: 36 months
French partners : NXP Semiconductors, Deveryware, Gemalto, Pertimm, Softeam Cadextan, Université de Bourgogne (UB), Université de La Rochelle (ULR).

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