PhD Students

  1. 1.Fetulhak Abdurahman (French-Ethiopian scholarship), Thesis title: TAttack Mitigation and Defense Mechanisms for 5G Vehicular Networks and Beyond (2022 to present)

  2. 2.Mohamed Rahmani (BFC region project), Thesis title: Technological solutions for continuous and secure 5G connectivity of a UAV-based urban freight transport system (2021 to present)

  3. 3.Shajjad Hossain (ANR-FNR project), Thesis title: TAdvanced Artificial Intelligence for detecting 5G Vehicular Networks Attacks (2021 to present)

  4. 4.Lydia Douaidi (BPI/FEDER), Thesis title: Distributed learning for industrial environments: application to an immersive 3D Visio3D+ system (2021 to present)

  5. 5.Ahmed Saadallah (BPI/FEDER), Thesis title: Guaranteed quality of experience for users of an immersive 3D video system (2021 to present)

  6. 6.Taki-Eddine-Toufik Djaidja (European project), Thesis title: Towards a secure 5G and beyond vehicular network (2020 to present)

  7. 7.Quentin Laporte (SERMA Energy CIFRE), Thesis title: New energy-efficient control strategy for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - battery management and predictive optimization (2020 to present)

  8. 8.Wided Hammedi (Bourse ministère), Thesis title: Smart River: Towards Efficient Cooperative Autonomous Inland Navigation (2018 to January 11th 2022)

  9. 9.El-Hadja Chaalal (Orange Labs CIFRE), Thesis title: Optimized Strategies for Adaptive Mobility Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in 5G Networks (2018 to January 19th 2022)

  10. 10.Maissa DAMMAK (FUI project contract), Thesis title: Authentication and Authorization Security Solutions for the Internet of Things  (2018 to July 17th 2021).

  11. 11.Amel ARFAOUI (cotutelle SupCom, Tunisia), Thesis title: Game-based security for the Internet of Things : applications to e-health (2016 to october 15th, 2019).

  12. 12.Esubalew Elemneh JALEW (French-Ethiopian scholarship),  Thesis title: Fog Computing based Traffic Safety for Connected Vulnerable Road Users, (2016 to october 25th, 2019).

  13. 13.Habtamu Mohamed BIRHANIE (French-Ethiopian scholarship), Thesis title: Resource Allocation in Vehicular Fog Computing for an Optimal Use of Electric Vehicles Energy, (2016 to october 25th, 2019).

  14. 14.Khaoula DHIFALLAH (Orange Labs, CIFRE), Thesis title: Shared ressource management in crowd networks (2015 to january 09th, 2018)

  15. 15.Metzli RAMIREZ MARTINEZ (Mexican scolarship), Thesis title: Gestion dynamique d'espaces de calcul reconfigurables et hétérogènes, (2014 to june 25th, 2018).

  16. 16.Mohamed Ayoub MESSSOUS (Euopean project contract), Thesis title: UAVs Network: Towards an Optimal Exploration and an Efficient Computation, (2014 to 09 October 2017).

  17. 17.Mohamed ATTIA (Euopean project contract), Thesis title: Algorithms and architectures for the smart grid management to meet energy efficiency and cyber-security requirements (2014 to 12 October 2017).

  18. 18.Imed ALLAL (Orange Labs, CIFRE), Thesis title: Optmisation de l’éfficacité énergétique et Qualité d'Expérience d'un réseau micro-cellulaire (2014 to 29 June 2017).

  19. 19.Francisco Daniel SANCHEZ FERNANDEZ (Bourse Ministère), Thesis title: Embedded Image Processing and Opportunistic Communication on Lightweight UAV for Surveillance Systems  (2013 to 27 April 2017).

  20. 20.Tarek BOUALI (Euopean project contract), Thesis title: Platform for efficient and secure data collection and exploitation in intelligent vehicular networks (2013 to January 2016).

  21. 20.Sara MEHAR (Bourse de la région Bourgogne), Thesis tite: The vehi1le as a source and consumer of information: Collection, dissemination and data processing for sustainable mobility  (2011 to 05 December 2014).

  22. 22.Guillaume REMY (FTRD Lannion), Thesis title: Complémentarité entre réseau cellulaire et réseau sans infrastructure à mobilité contrôlée et non contrôlée  (2010 to Novembre 2013)

  23. 23.Ahmed BEN NACEF (FTRD Lannion), Thesis title: Relais coopératifs dans un réseau de terminaux : performances limites et stratégies (2008 to 24th November 2011)

  24. 24.Mohamed CHERIF (FTRD Lannion), Thesis title: Optimisation des communications V2V et V2I dans un réseau de véhicules opéré  (2007 to 2nd December 2010)

  25. 25.Helmut ADAM (University of Klagenfurt, with Christian Bettstetter), Thesis title: Cooperative spatial diversity in ad hoc networks (2006 to August 2011)

  26. 26.Ghassan M.T. ABDALLAH (University of Plymouth, with Mosa Ali Abu-Rgheff), Thesis title: Physical and Link Layer Implications in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (2006 to 17th December 2009)

  27. 27.Alaa SEDDIK-GHALEB (University of Evry, with Yacine Ghamri-Doudane and Nazim Agoulmine), Thesis title: TCP Performance Study and Enhancements Within Wireless Ad Hoc Network Environments (2005 to 30th March 2009)

  28. 28.Moez JERBI (FTRD Lannion), Thesis title: Protocoles pour les communications dans les réseaux de véhicules en environnement urbain (2005 to 6th November 2008)

  29. 29.Ghazi AL-SUKKAR (INT Evry, with Hossam afifi), Thesis title: Discovering the Synergy between Wireless Ad hoc routing protocols and Peer-to-Peer Abstractions (2005 to 26th November 2008)


I'm fortunate to work (or to have worked) with some very hard-working and inspiring PhD students.